6 degrees from Brainwashed

Sometime around 2006 or ’07 some friends in Mississauga decided to hold a benefit event and asked Redhill Road to play. They rented the local Legion Hall down by the lake and sold the place out. There were several acts on the bill, including a popular local vocal band called the 3 Dads. The Dads were very seasoned pros who played out a lot and were well known in the area.
Virgil Scott is one of the 3 Dads and at the time of the benefit he was producing an album for David Clayton Thomas. Clayton Thomas played with a number of groups in the 60s but really made it to the big time when he was the lead singer for Blood Sweat & Tears. I knew of him well before that, though, when his song
Brainwashed peaked at #6 on the charts in 1966. It was the first record I ever bought, a 45 rpm single.
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