Playing through the pandemic

Been a very very long time since I updated the blog.
I should mention at the outset that we had a really good time at our Relish gig playing the early show at New Years Eve 2019. Kind of a highlight for the RCBand. Packed, good fun, David McMichael's band to finish off the evening was just great. A terrific time for us, and for the people who came out for us, and for the people who came out for David. A great night.

Shortly thereafter the whole world went into a deep dive. The pandemic hit here at the end of winter. I went out to lunch with my brothers and Jim on March 13, then out for dinner with my family later that day. And then suddenly there were no more dinners or lunches out.

What does this have to do with music?

In late Spring someone up the street had sent a note saying the neighbours should get together at around 6:30 on Fridays for some physically distanced social time, then bang pots and pans and such at 7:30, to support our front line workers. We all went out and participated. Sometime in May one of my neighbours asked if I would bring out my acoustic guitar after the pot and pan banging, so I came out and played a few songs.

Afterwards a couple of neighbours asked if I would play from my porch, but for a few weeks the weather didn't cooperate. Then one Friday it was clear the weather was going to be nice so I set up a little sound system. After that first week or two I asked my friend Jim, who plays bass, if he would come out and join me. We did a couple of weeks as a duo. Then figured out a way to have Wayne join us physically distanced and play the drums. We've been a pandemic trio for the last couple of weeks, and it's been great.

Anyway, point is, the neighbours have been very insistent that having live music for that hour or so on Friday nights has really helped them deal with the isolation of the pandemic, and they really look forward to getting out to see everyone. They bring out their lawn chairs!. Been a fabulous little lift for the band who would otherwise be sitting at home wondering if we'd ever get together again.

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