Steve Forbert

You may not be familiar with Steve Forbert but he’s by far one of my absolute favourite singer/songwriters. First seen and heard around the late 1970s I think, and if I remember correctly a contemporary of Cyndi Lauper in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun era. Forbert still tours, usually playing solo in rooms like Toronto’s Hugh’s Room. He recently released a new album called Over With You. Simple, straight up production that spotlights his guitar, plaintive vocals and harmonica, while he performs his genuine lyrics and rootsy melodies.
I’d recommend checking out Forbert’s early albums before digging into the new one. If he’s new to you there’s a pretty extensive discography but you can’t go wrong with any of the first three records: Alive on Arrival, Jackrabbit Slim and Little Stevie Orbit are three fantastic additions to anyone’s collection (made even more amazing by the fact that they were released one after the other over a three year period). Once you’ve dug into those you’ll want to get ‘em all including the new one.
And go see him live. He’s a very engaging performer - and you can get him to sign all those CDs you just bought.
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