6 degrees from Blinded by the Light

Brad Compton was the brother of a family friend, Monte Compton. Monte suggested that Brad would make a good addition to Redhill Road. Brad has a smooth, controlled country style singing voice and joined the band as co-lead singer as well as guitar and banjitar player. He was also a seasoned performer and front man.
Brad had performed from the time he was quite young, and for a few years when in high school and university he played with a group of friends in a band called Freedom Sound. They did high school dances and toured around Ontario a bit. During one of those tours they found themselves on a bill with The Good Brothers. I expect this was when Brad first discovered the song
Fox on the Run which became a staple of Redhill Road’s repertoire, but it had been a popular part of the Good’s live shows.
It turned out, though, that
Fox on the Run was originally a top 5 chart hit in 1968 in the UK for Manfred Mann, which was hard to believe given that it was such a bluegrass staple. (It was a top 10 hit in North America for Tom T. Hall in the mid 70s.)
The early songs that I remember Manfred Mann for were both #1s in the UK:
Doo Wah Diddy Diddy and Pretty Flamingo. But also around the mid 70s (in 1976/77) Manfred Mann’s Earth Band scored a #1 US hit with the Bruce Springsteen song Blinded by the Light, originally recorded on Springsteen’s early album Greetings From Asbury Park NJ.
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