I've been nervously kicking around the idea of playing somewhere solo for about a year. Finally got up the nerve to drop in on a very small, informal open mic. Lots of, let's say, more mature people hanging out, having a beer, picking at the delish Somali food.
One of the audience members brought a bag full of cherries, which she distributed to all the performers and spectators, along with paper towels for stems and pits. They were great. I decided right then that I really liked the crowd.
Unfortunately the cherries didn't do anything to put me at ease. By the end of my first (of three) songs I was dry mouthed and wet palmed. By the end of the second song I was begging for a glass of water. What a frickin' diva! But I made it through. Just going to have to do more of it more often to get past those solo jitters I guess. Suppose it's my turn to bring the cherries next time too.
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