We had one of our best, most fun shows ever at RELISH on New Year's Eve, 2019. Little did we know that 2020 would usher in a variety of pretty awful experiences for Canada and the world. We are locked down like so many, and very much looking forward to getting back to playing together sometime in the future. Stay safe, take sensible precautions and support as many of your local businesses as you can, when you can.
Rory, Jim, Wayne & Graham

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 8.00.10 PM
- one of many appearances at RELISH

- had a blast at our album release party at the Tranzac

belly laughs flyer IMG_0696
- great event at this amazing venue, the Sue-Ann Staff Estates Winery. What a night!

BS Winery1 DJS Winery2 WA Winery2
- Barry, Dan, Wayne from the One Shot Band at Tawse Winery in Vineland

"The Egertones" - Ryerson 1981 reunion at the Black Swan
- with Graham Saywell, Jim Bird and Ron Pardo